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​​​​​​April 27, 2016

I always wanted to travel in an RV. It was a dream of mine since childhood. Every time I saw an RV on the road, I would picture myself inside, driving along, singing John Denver songs and seeing the country.

When my mother died (July 25, 2015,) it changed me in so many ways. I was very fortunate to be with my mother in her final days and I was also privileged that my employer allowed me to be there to support her and our family during such a horrible time. My siblings and I were with by my mother’s side every day during her illness, and I’m sure our being there helped her transition more peacefully. I had never watched someone die before and the experience, although very painful, taught me valuable lessons. Also, it made me look at my life and where I see myself as I look at my own retirement and golden years ahead. I know that I would like to be closer to my siblings and my extended family as we age.   I have 12 of the cutest great nieces and nephews in the world!  I want to be there for their Communions, Confirmations, Graduations, Dance Recitals, Karate belt ceremonies, swim meets and any other events that enrich their lives. I also want to be there to support all of my extended family who are all in New York. I can’t wait to spend more time again with dear old friends who I grew up with and have been a part of my life since childhood. I know my parents are smiling at the thought of my return.

Julie has always wanted to return back East. She too would like to be closer to her family and offer support to her mother who is now 88. It will be a gift to all of her family to have her there for the family traditions she has also missed these many years. When my employer offered to have me continue with working for them remotely, I knew that this was another sign that this is the right decision for us, and time for us to take this leap of faith.

I love California. I love everything about it and I will miss so much of what made me stay here for these past 34 years, more than half my life.  The weather, the scenic beauty, the progressive and liberal thinkers, the wonderful friends that we have made, the openness to diversity are only a brief few. However, I am a New York Italian and the mother ship is calling me home. Everyone knows I am not a big fan of the cold and the snow, so I see “snow birding” on my horizon. There’s plenty of sun back East too!

We couldn’t think of a more perfect way to make this transition but by RV. The Hawk, as we have affectionately call our new RV, is beautiful and everything I could have wished for and more. Now we just have to get the cats to love it as much as we do! They are very spoiled and when we practice with them in the RV, I am sure they are wondering if this is yet one more vehicle to take them to the Veterinarian! Lol

So we are embarking on a life changing and very exciting adventure of a lifetime.   We will take our time as we cross the country and plan to see as many sites as we can along the way. We are planning to get on the road in June and will probably arrive in Buffalo in late July/early August. What a great 60th birthday this will be for me!

Once we settle in the Doylestown area of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, we will live in the Hawk until we find our next home. We will be a 6 hour drive from Buffalo, so I plan on going home as much as I can (unless there’s a blizzard!) I will also enjoy being a little more than an hour away from New York City. Yes, I will be seeing every Broadway play that opens. J

We will be making the journey with our dear friends, Jaye and Mary who are traveling west from North Carolina to accompany us home. What a gift they are giving us! We are blessed to have them share in this fantastic adventure as we have talked and dreamed about RV travel together for years.

When we have a home, you are welcome to come and visit us any time. We will look forward to your coming and give you the grand tour!

Thank you all for wishing us well, sending us off, and for your love, friendship and support. We will keep you all posted on our daily experiences through this wonderful medium. A special thank you to my dear friend, Nancy who created this website for us.

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