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If you have a medicine cabinet over the toilet, don’t open the doors to the cabinet without the toilet seat being down.  You know the flight attendants:  “items may shift in flight.”  Well, they shift in RV travel too and one of the jars of Icy Hot for Mickey’s knees went down the toilet and jammed the line.  Oh what fun!

Pack less than you think you’ll need.  You won’t use it all; trust me.  Do with less.
Packing tape and bubble wrap are your friend.  It comes in handy protecting things from breakage.

Buy hooks that don’t leave marks on the walls.

Buy little plastic containers for the medicine cabinet (behind the vanity mirror.)  In it you can put tweezers, nail clippers, contact lenses cases, lip gloss, etc. so they don’t move around in transit.

Get a Mobile Hot Spot or JetPack if you need Wi-Fi.  All RV parks do not have Wi-Fi and if they do, you can’t guarantee that works well.  It is expensive for a data plan for the JetPack but if you need reliable Wi-Fi, it will be your back up.

If you travel with cats, get puppy pads for under the litter box to help with potential pet accidents.

Spend the extra money for top of the line sewer hoses and a surge protector for the electrical connection.  It will be worth it for the peace of mind.

If your rig doesn’t have a generator, get one.  You’ll be thankful for AC during the hotter months.

An RV GPS is a great thing!  You can enter in the dimensions of your rig and it will only send you on roads that will accommodate the size of your rig.  This is especially important for height dimensions for bridges and gas stations!

RV Tips And Tricks