The Cats

Lucy is in charge and definitely is a "one woman" cat as she is at Michele's side constantly.  She is the boss of the house and none of the other cat's will challenge her authority.  Very loyal, devoted and confident.  She hates going to the Vet and our Vet's office does an entire comedy routine around Lucy with skull and crossbone pictures on her chart.
Ruthie is Lucy's sister and they couldn't be more different.  Ruthie is the sweetest most gentle animal we have ever known.  She never hisses, never growls and is always purring.  She spends 98% of her time on the bed waiting to be loved.  We have never seen an animal be more trusting, kind and gentle toward other animals and people.
Frankie is definitely a Siamese.  She can be very affectionate and loving one minute and growl and hiss the next.  She has severe Asthma and needs Prednisone every day which is probably why she's a bit cranky at times.  Poor baby has difficulty breathing.  When she is in a loving mood, though, she is very sweet and has the loudest purr.
Willow is the youngest and quite a character.  She is full of energy and always into mischief.  We have never experienced a more verbal cat and she is always talking about something and can have a full blown conversation with anyone who will listen.  Willow will head bump you until you need the NFL Concussion Protocol.
All 4 cats bring us great joy and we are honored to share our life with our furry children.

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